Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ray Comfort's Blog

I find if interesting to reflect on Ray Comfort's blog (Atheist Central). I think of his thought process before deciding to create this blog. I mean, it's the equivalent of cutting yourself and then jumping into shark-infested waters.

He chose to create a blog with the intention of attracting atheists. He then debates them. On any given day it's like 40 against 1 (or a few, if you include the Christian bloggers). And why did he do this? To polish his writing skills? To satisfy his ego? No. Hardly. He did it because he cares for the atheists. So he lays himself out there to be ambushed by these folks, because he wants to help them. And they come, every day, without fail. I mean, come on, it's like they're beating on a pinata. He lays an article out there and it's like shaking the chum bag over the sharks' heads, and then unleashing them.

I think he's a good guy.


  1. OH dude you are correct. They spit in Ray's face, and then they pick apart everything he says, and misquote him and put it in a different context, and they manipulate the scriptures. Ray does not manipulate the atheists statements, even though he is accused of it.

  2. I think you are very wrong in your synopsis of Atheist Central. Both of you.

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