Friday, March 27, 2009

Bear In Mind

God can do anything.

There is nothing that God can't do.

Impossible is a human word.

To God, impossible does not exist.

God can do anything.

All praises to God!

How blessed we are to be able to praise Him!

This life is hard.

We can do nothing.

God can do anything.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To ExPatMatt

For some reason, it wouldn't let me respond to your comment...

So, I added a new post about it.

And my response is this:

My good buddy! I knew you would love that! But in reality, I was (as I'm sure you realized) referring to the following sentence, when I said that I didn't want to be too inflammatory. I mean, people get downright offended by a Christian who would dare say that Islam was to blame for anything (like 9/11, or.....).

And before the "fringe extremist" argument is presented, please look up the evidence regarding those who reside in the middle east who supported the "9/11 jihad" after it was carried out.

And...Obama being anti-life is fairly obvious. Wait...omit "fairly". Are you kidding? Do you know that in the MAJORITY of states here, in the good old U-S-of-A, if a pregnant woman is murdered, then her murderer is charged with a DOUBLE homicide? If a pregnant woman is murdered, then...HEY!!!...the baby in her body is considered a human being. But if a woman is pregnant and chooses to kill the baby in her body, then well, that's a choice she makes about her body. Please! What if the baby is born, and then 5 minutes later, the mother decides that she does not want to be a mother, and kills her baby? The answer is, she would have committed the most unspeakable murder anybody has ever heard of. But, that same crime committed 10 minutes earlier, it's supported as a choice.

I urge you to search for the testimonials of some people who have worked at clinics who subscribe to the type of evil that our president is now enacting into law. Do you know what he thinks should be done with babies who survive abortions? Check it out. He thinks they should be thrown in the garbage, alive. This is fact. To oppose this is to be ignorant of the facts, or to be stoic beyond what my mind is capable of.

Let me know your thoughts.

The Rock

What times!

I mean...look around! It's crazy if you sit back and observe the landscape of our nation.

The market has cut itself in half. Unemployment is over 8% and rising. Our president is making it rain money from the sky on irresponsible businesses. OUR taxes are paying for it, and WE will pay for it double-time when we have to face the inflation it causes. We are now ruled by an extremist, pro-death, anti-life ruler. While I don't want to get too inflammatory, I think it shall suffice to say that he is less-than-zealous about bringing justice to those who are (right now!) planning the obliteration of our nation. Let's close the detainment camps and stop interrogations. Perfect.

These times can be great for us, though. How? Well, it's certainly easy to err toward lukewarm when everything is going as planned. And when we're prospering. And when our fear-and-anxiety level is low. Well, take a good look around. Breathe it all in. Draw a picture. The way things are right now, well...they haven't been this way in a long while. And after this is over, we may just snap back to some sort of sanity. Or maybe not. Either way, what a perfect time to look around and think...every day...every hour..."OH, HOW BLESSED WE ARE TO HAVE THE ROCK, THE ONE, THE SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, AS OUR OWN!".

Nothing can shake that. Ever. The Dow can go to ZERO. Obama could set up concentration camps for 2-year olds, if he decides that they are not humans, either. The evil Islamic militants could nuke wall street. That won't change the fact that we're saved by grace through faith in CHRIST. So, what have we got to fear? Look around, and muster a good chuckle. All of this doom and gloom around us...It's all less relevant than it seems, in the big picture.