Friday, March 27, 2009

Bear In Mind

God can do anything.

There is nothing that God can't do.

Impossible is a human word.

To God, impossible does not exist.

God can do anything.

All praises to God!

How blessed we are to be able to praise Him!

This life is hard.

We can do nothing.

God can do anything.


  1. I assume you mean 'anything within His nature'?

    I've heard many Christians say, for example, that it is impossible for God to tell a lie.

    Also, seeing as God is also omniscient and is fully aware of everything that has transpired is transpiring and will transpire at every moment, He cannot actually change anything, can He?

    Or rather, He can only change things to be what He already knew they would be?!

    The question of omni-whatever is always an intriguing one for the limited human mind to comprehend.

  2. "Then came the word of the Lord unto Jeremiah, saying, Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for Me?" Jeremiah 32:26,27.

    Questions from the Lord are very often the strongest affirmations. He would have us perceive their absolute certainty. They are put in this particular form because He would have us think over His great thought and confirm it by our own reflections. The Lord shines upon us in the question and our answer to it is the reflection of His light. The Infallible One challenges a contradiction, or even a doubt. "Is anything too hard for Me?" is the strongest way of saying that nothing can be too hard for Him, for it proclaims defiance to Heaven and earth and Hell, to produce a difficulty which can perplex the Lord. - CH Spurgeon

    We are powerless finite balls of dirt. He is the omnipotent eternal creator! There is nothing impossible for Him!

  3. Matt,

    I understand your confusion. It really is difficult to comprehend. I don't think you a man who knows God, the questions you pose are trivial.

    God created and sustains everything.

    That is worth repeating.

    God created and sustains everything!

    Not just you, me, Wayne, Sam, your family, your friends, my friends, Sam's friends...etc. etc.

    What you and I see as reality is just a CREATION to God. And we act like we understand it all!

    Do me a favor, right now...please.


    Take a deep breath...breathe in. Did you do it?

    Now breathe out. Blow that breath AAALLLLLLLLL the way out. Keep blowing. You're ready for some air, eh?

    GOD decides if you breathe in again.

    This is God's world, friend.

    Note the words of Jeremiah: "Is there anything too hard for me?".

    That is GOD speaking!

  4. Oh, Matt, my good buddy!
    Anything in His nature?
    This is GOD, my friend!!

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