Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change Is Here

An historic election. Barack Obama is now the President of the United States of America. Change is here.

Most likely, the path of the American Christian will be more labored. President Obama is certainly not a friend of evangelical Christians, despite what he may claim.

A new atmosphere will form in this country, furthering the the ideals of the "social progressive". This is the path that results in Christians being even less tolerated.

The Word of God will be even less respected. Being saved & sharing your faith will be even more taboo.

Take heart, Christian! This is promised to us. This is part of the story. We are promised it will get even more difficult. And more, and more, and more difficult.

Stay the course.

We're not of this world.

Don't compromise.

If this world hates us, it hated Him first.

We belong to Him.

Don't compromise.

Be sober and vigilant.

Be wise and discerning.

And don't compromise!


  1. Yes! Amen!

    I've been thinking about this verse today:

    Titus 3 (NLT)
    Remind the believers to submit to the government and its officers. They should be obedient, always ready to do what is good.

    God will bless it when we still honor Obama even if he is not...um...the best choice?


  2. CarefulWhatYouSay,

    That's a wonderful point. Thank you for bringing that up! I thank you because, I'll admit, it's something I've struggled with since Election Day.

    I know I am to pray for our leaders. And I do. I pray that Obama will be changed and that God will soften his heart to the Word and the Spirit, and that he will be born again.

    But I must admit, my first instinct is to not want to pray for him. Isn't that horrible? Deep in my gut, I feel like he is such a radical abortion advocate, so anti-family, etc., that I shouldn't petition God in his favor. I have to take a second, reflect in the Spirit, and think...that's exactly why I SHOULD be praying for him.

    But, what do you think?

    Is it OK for us to pray for Obama to receive wisdom & discernment, and for God to guide him as president? Should we pray for this, knowing he is not born again? (I'm not making judgment; I've seen him mocking the Bible and discussing how it can't be taken literally).

    Or, should we be praying that he be born again?

    Any reader of this post: What do you think? Let's have a discussion. Chime in.

  3. I am neither a devote Christian nor am I a very conservative Republican. I read Obama's book and researched him thoroughly before the election. I was pulled in by his speeches and by the hope he could so easily place in one's mind...how easily he had people eating out of the palm of his hand. And this is the conclusion I came to...


    And now he's the most powerful man in the world.

    Just. Like. That.

    So, I'm not sure if you should pray for Obama, but I do hope that you will say an extra prayer for US.

  4. Anonymous:

    I shall pray for him and for the US. And for you, since you said you're not a Christian.

    You say Obama is evil; I won't deny that. We're all evil until we accept God's grace through Christ and are born again as His chosen ones.

    We all inherited an evil, sinful nature.

  5. I think a little of both SinnerSaved?

    I am going to go to jail if suddenly the law is changed that I cannot meet in public with fellow believers, pray, have a Bible, or preach the gospel. Yeah, I am just going to entirely stop following those laws if they come about.

    Because God is my higher authority, I obey Him and only Him. If my parents told me to stop following Jesus tomorrow, I totally wouldn't- even if I am suppose honor and obey my parents.

    On the other hand- Absolutely yes! I am praying for Obama to get saved. I want to hang out with him in heaven! Plus- Imagain what would happen in this country if "the most powerful man in the world." (as annoymous said) got saved! Imagain the revival!

    Obama is super influential. If Obama got saved the world would be shaken like crazy for Jesus.

    And I am praying like crazy for President Obama.


  6. CWYS,

    Yes! Wonderful comments. You hit it right on the head, I think. We ARE to submit to the rules of our governing bodies, UNLESS they disagree with God's rules. Thank you for your response!

    I seriously worry that the day is coming (sooner, rather than later) that Christians become victims of persecution in America, even worse than what is happening now. That's a big fear of mine, and I know that this new president will be a champion for the "social-progressive" (read: anti-Christian) cause.

    What can we do but pray? Let us pray, fervently. Pray right now for Barack Obama. Pray that his heart be softened to the gospel. Pray that he let go of his Muslim ties. Pray that he sees the truth. This might be bigger than we know...

  7. I am praying that he has wisdom in governing our nation, but the single most important blessing that anyone could ever have is being born again, a blessing that assists in this life and in the next. The very fact that we fear what he may do to those who believe the way we do is the very reason that the Apostle Paul gave for us to pray for all leaders (1 Timothy 2:2).

  8. Amen to that, Joshua.
    I love your blogs, by the way.

  9. Does anyone here think it likely that this:

    "...go to jail if suddenly the law is changed that I cannot meet in public with fellow believers, pray, have a Bible, or preach the gospel."

    is likely to happen under an Obama (or any other) administration?

    For the record, I don't think it is.


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