Thursday, January 15, 2009

End of Daze

Oh, how this world lulls us into complacency. Almost like the sound of rain on a tin roof, the events of this life can rub our backs, place a warm blanket over us, and snuggle us into a foggy daze. This world sings us a perpetual lullaby. This world wants us asleep to the things of the Spirit, comfortably resting. Focused on this world.

And oh, how important our hectic schedules are! We must conquer the world! And these zealous non-believers...they're so numerous. And our family members, they'll surely roll their eyes if they're subjected to any "God talk". And this society. Oh, this society. Being a Christian is borderline taboo. Christian practices are being outlawed in nations around the world. Will I be able to write this blog in 10 years? Will you be able to carry a Bible in public? No one can say. Can the whole world be wrong? How can I be right if the whole world thinks I'm wrong? I feel dazed.

The fog becomes more dense...our eyelids become heavier...the daze takes over, without our permission. The world becomes more important. Seeds of doubt are allowed to sprout. The path of least resistance seems like a comfortable choice. We're lulled into a daze, with our priorities in disarray.




WAKE UP! This is the way it's supposed to be! There are no surprises here. These hurdles are not only supposed to be here, but the Word promises that they will be in our path. We might be rejected by some, but the world rejected Him first! We are promised hard times. We are told we are not of this world. If we're not of this world, we cannot let this world become the center of our lives. Refuse!

And, by God, we're told that the closer we get to the End of Days, the harder it will become to be a true believer in this world. And it will get even harder than it is now. Perpetually. Christians will become an offense to more and more people. The Word will be shunned. So our guard must be up, our resolve must be firm, and our head must be clear.

Until the End of Days, let's strive for the End of Daze.


  1. I am almost excited about this.

    There are a lot of sleeping Christians out there.


    When we feel the pressure of the world we will see who the couragous and cowards are. Who the heros are and the hypocrits are. Who are really Christians and who are perfoming Christians.

    I for one intend to stay awake and be alert and grow in the Lord daily. Then, when that pressure comes I will be among the real couragous heroic Christians.

    If God will it and I think He does.

    Great post SinnerSaved! :D

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