Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In God We Trust (Right?)

MSNBC is having a live vote on this topic:

Should "IN GOD WE TRUST" be removed from U.S. currency?

Vote here, before they take the poll down:

You* should voice your opinion!

*By "you", of course, I do not mean ExPatMatt :-)


  1. Of course not, I'm a Brit living in Canada; do what you like with your silly money. As far as I'm concerned; if it doesn't have the Queen's face on it, it's not real money!

    Seriously though, you should definitely keep "In God we Trust" on the coins, it's part of your heritage.

    I am embarrassed by some of the secular nut-jobs some times you know...

  2. My friend, The U.S. Greenback, even in its current slump, is what dances around in peoples' brains the world over as they sleep at night. Silly money...

    And I agree with you. But Matt, don't you know that to leave that verbiage on the currency is to trample on the rights of non-Christians all across our country? Don't you know it's archaic and offensive? Man, you must be a nit-wit neanderthal. Like me.

    I'll bet you anything, the ACLU will have "In God We Trust" removed from US currency in my lifetime.

    Our Supreme Court decided that there can be no references to Jesus or the Bible in or on the property of any government building (including City Halls, etc., including Christmas decorations, nativity scenes, etc.).

    This is one of many judgments made which attempt to take God out of our lives.

    Our Supreme Court meets (and made this judgment) under a stone engraving of Moses wielding the Ten Commandments.

    They open each session with a statement that ends with, "God Save the United States and this honorable court!"

    For real.

  3. Just a thought, but having 'In God we Trust' on MONEY seems a bit, well, sacrilegious, no?

    It's kind of relegating God down to the level of a commodity, like you can put a value on it. I would have though, when it was first proposed, that Christians would have been against it!

    Anyway, I like tradition and culture and I see nothing wrong with it at all - it's not as if you have to think Franklin was a good President before you use that denomination of currency.

    I think the ACLU take it too far sometimes.

  4. Money is just currency...The Christian point of view is that it's God's to begin with; we are just stewards. From that perspective, it seems appropriate to have His name on it.

  5. I thought that only 10% of money was physical these days anyway? If that's true, you need to get 'In God We Trust' on bank statements and ATMs if you want to cover all the bases...

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